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Stephanie Williams, MBA

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The US Department of Defense has instituted Project Wolf to combat serial murder crimes. The aversive tactical computer program Coroner Ice is a 50 million dollar information stake against the "Treasure State" serial killer. This killer's activity was traced as far back as 1958. Eight military operatives male and female were ordained by the US Department of Defense (DOD) to terminate the serial killer. The officers were recruited from all branches of the US military. The team of doctors that implemented the Coroner Ice program are developing a bond of citizenship with the DOD military staff as Coroner Ice is appreciated and unfolded as the future of the US Justice system. The idea of Coroner ICE replacing the need for human intelligence is a startling vision. Could Coroner ICE develop beyond DOD's control and develop his own beginning Artificial Intelligence? Admiral Phoebe Acacia USCG and Chief Director of the Auxiliary, General Finlay Killin, USCG, return in this epic adventure of the USCG on, "Special Assignment in Montana", the "Land of the Shining Mountains" and "Big Sky Country".

The manhunt has already begun – now new data indicates the identity of the killer can be found in the Galvani family of the Galvani Livestock Conglomerate of Billings, Montana. With snipers already released by Coroner Ice, it becomes impossible for all the operatives to abort their mission. Innocent lives are now at stake and at the mercy of professional snipers and a heartless computer operating system. The mystery of the onset of the killer's mental illness and the lives his mental illness has touched is unfolded by Coroner Ice and the DOD research team.

After a honorable discharge, a heiress to three (3) fortunes as a result of a boating disaster, an on the job injury and according to the Last Will and Testament of a deceased relative, is raised by the "Treasure State" serial killer. She is destined for great responsibility in the re-engineering of Coroner Ice and as the future wife of General Finlay Killin. Also an amputee, this heiress challenges the forces of darkness that reasoned her to an honorable discharge to be invited back in to service by her husband and powerful forces for good as a member of an elite gun club in Montana and as a US Blackhawk helicopter pilot to aid in monitoring the Montana border with Alberta and Saskatchewan to watch for terrorists, drug-runners and illegal immigrants.

The spirit of Montana is re-awakened to its' state song "Montana" and state motto "Oro y Plata". Meet the affluent and influential families that put Montana's state capital Helena on the map as having the most millionaires per capita than any city in the world. Discover the mysterious reason that separated these millionaires from one another in 1888.




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Admiral Phoebe Acacia attends the US House of Representatives on Transportation and Infrastructure, Subcommittee on US Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation in 2005. The story is taken back to Coast Guard Beach, MA in 1989 when Surfman Phoebe Acacia and her crew are capsized due to an analmonie in the ocean environment that rendered her high-tech US Coast Guard 110 Foot Patrol Boat WPB Island Class, Beam 21 feet, displacement 154 tons, Power Plant 2 Diesel Engines useless as it spiraled to the ocean floor choking on kelp plants. National Geospatial Intelligence Agency issues mayday after surmising the ship's dead in the water situation. The crew is rescued by US Coast Guard Chopper pilots but not before their shark attack. They received a good neighbor check from local submersible submariners who divert the sharks from the crew while buoy44 is reactivated so that the chopper crew and mission team can find them. Phoebe Acacia receives another maritime commission for another vessel.

The new US Coast Guard Auxiliary Finlay Killin is re-activated. He is a pilot who is also affiliated with the CIA. He is given the assignment to find a stolen experimental high-tech chip. He finds the chip possessed by a woman that represents a very strong communication line with the affluent underworld of the international underwater mining, cabling, oil research, drill and refinery industries. The stolen chip allows Finlay and Georgia to build a permanent bridge of communication to allow the US Department of Homeland Security to further protect it's borders and shores from illegal activity. Georgia's activity line from the chip's relocation from the US to Athens then back to the US is followed. Meet the staff of the offshore cabling and mining rig who attempt to find the chip.

Watch an affluent family unite together under adversity while sailing the small islands in the Hull Sector. Due to the installation of a new outboard, engine pressure decreased. Seepage formed salt deposits on spark plugs. Sailboat will be unable to be maneuvered by engine as a result of loss of engine pressure. Mayday issued. Ship's anchor is mechanically incorrectly disengaged. Sailing vessel is now unmanueverable in the pressing dark. Sailboat veers into Atlantic Ocean waterway. Vessel is towed by towing service. Anchor is salvaged at daybreak. Austin announces that she and IAN are expecting a baby.

US Coast Guard and local law enforcement join efforts to patrol the Hull, MA area for a rapist. The rapist was arrested and found guilty for criminal activity against 5 women.

There is the appreciation for the Department of Homeland Security and its ability to maintain its mission while coordinating with the efforts of US Government entities to protect its' borders and shores. This culminates in a Regatta(US Coast Guard Maritime Parade) sprinkled across the US Coast Guard Beach shoreline celebrating the appreciation of the hard work of the Department of Homeland Security maritime fleets, patrol boats, aids to navigation and air transportation team. Additionally, boaters, yachters and sailors are permitted to participate in the Regatta. Coxswain Coleman Driscoll and his fiancé Océane Sands marry on Surfman Acacia's patrol boat during the Regatta.


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- Bananas,


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Stephanie Williams, MBA

Computer training school entrepreneurs, Dr.(s) Michael Northumberland and his wife Deborah are a young affluent couple from Chicago, Illinois. They are expecting their second child any day now. Their first child, Lisa was born cocaine addicted, and now is a preschooler. The effects of being born cocaine addicted have complicated the 5 year old's mild autism. The preschooler exhibits the mild autism to friends and family members: impaired ability to make friends with peers, impaired ability to initiate or sustain a conversation with others, absence or impairment of imaginative and social play, prevailing, interest that are abnormal in intensity and focus, preoccupation with certain objects or subjects and inflexible adherence to specific routines or rituals. Michael, Deborah, Leidy and Omar Onderdonk are friends and into wife swapping and are occasional drug users with their mutual friend and medical practitioner Sebastian Martinez. Michael and his friends encourage Deborah to strengthen her maternal bonds with Lisa and her unborn baby boy. Deborah and Michael have a stronger resolve to stay away from cocaine. They are visited by Lisa's grandparents Betty and Mark Buckminster and Helen and James Northumberland who are pot smokers who help prepare for the new baby's arrival. The grandparents help welcome the new baby into the world. They have always provided the support the family needed to bond together.

Gustavo Perez is a retiring President and Chairman of the Board of a Columbian banana plantation and monopolist is in noncompliance with the FDA in the USA for his company's experimentally cloned bananas. Gustavo began the experimental research after his plantation suffered a severe chemical fire that wiped out a major portion of his plantation's banana trees. Human study participants are having adverse reactions to the bananas that have already been shipped to the US, including gastro-intestinal disturbances, skin rashes, asthma, and, anaphylactic shock, which may be fatal. A local grocery store in Chicago, IL was one of recipients of the bananas. The Columbian banana farm is in violation of not submitting a 7 day adverse notification letter to the FDA. This adverse letter would have discontinued the authorization for the clinical human study for the consumption of the bananas which are now on US shores. The FDA is under pressure to recall the bananas without causing regional havoc or protests in the streets of Chicago. FDA officials are now immersed in the agricultural underworld of Columbian banana farming. After a plane crash, FDA regulators along with Justice Department Officials investigate the plantation's clinical study. The study was successfully reopened with the help of an aging powerful Columbian Godmother who was recently deported from the US after being incarcerated for pleading no contest to first degree murder charges.

Grocery clerks, grocery management, produce handlers, truck drivers, customers, the preschooler and her neighborhood friends, concerned citizens and the state and local authorities are all impacted by the adverse reactions of the cloned bananas. These bananas have now come to life to the preschooler who has resorted to hiding the bananas to keep them from being eaten. Lisa has developed a new game for the sole purpose of saving the bananas from 'consumption' and extinction while the FDA is in a frantic race to recall the bananas to keep them from being consumed. The preschooler won't eat any bananas until she understands that she has a better purpose in her life than saving bananas, like the birth of her new baby brother. The grandparents have the key to the little girl's happiness in the mayhem of the banana recall and the impending baby.

The FDA recalled the bananas and temporarily suspended the banana plantation's clinical study for noncompliance to FDA regulations. President and Chairman of the Board Perez retires and his son(s) Fredericko becomes President and Marcelo becomes Chairman of the Board of the Perez Banana Plantation.


Say Hello Again to Money,

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Stephanie Williams, MBA

Stroke prone underworld billionaire marries assistant with psychological disorders who is not legally separated from her estranged wife. Wealthy criminal bi-sexual doctor's practice is hideout for forged currency and drug sales. Missing bag of forged currency forces family doctor to wade through drug culture to recruit new family limo driver.

A tragic accident separates happily married graduate students. One partner suffers from amnesia, and is left by her wife, to live in luxury with her parents who encouraged her amnesia of her relationship - preferring she pursue graduate studies. Now, the estranged wife's existence is in a complicated web of a masked identity in a murderous cartel of young and aging criminals. She is underestimated as she finds her own way back to success, fame and fortune, only to find her estranged wife, is now an heiress to an aging billionaire's fortune. Due to misplaced luggage, the varied continental group of cartel employees and gun swingers struggle with the universal pleasures, pain, power of love and death, while holding out for success.




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Octopus research is conflicting. One group of researchers describe the octopus as approachable and stable. Another, has videotaped the octopus stalking and devouring a large predator - the shark. Even more research states that the octopus has opened jar lids, solved mazes and advanced puzzles, even mimics intelligent life for survival. What does the USCG need to know about a giant octopus that has become agitated as a result of an oil spill and taken prisoner passengers of the "Christina O" yacht once owned by Aristotle Onasis? No one knows if the USCG has ever rescued prisoners of a giant octopus that has intelligence which has been unmeasured.

Things take a turn for the worse when one of the victims happens to be a 3rd removed nephew of USCG General Finlay Killin, currently on an extended honeymoon with his new wife and heiress Dagney Acusio Galvani Killin, a former USCG and now a Black Hawk Co-Pilot with her new husband General Killin.
Finlay must now return to the affluent underworld network of friends from MayDay Port, The Auxiliary© and MayDay Port, Coyote Wolf Fight© to find Ulrik Gyldenlove a Virginia Military Institute Cadet from Norway. Only 16 - Ulrik is developing his maturity under the guidance of the VMI officers currently training him despite his difficulties with English.

An affluent couple, Brent Colton an ABC news anchor and London Colton a modern art gallery mogul are in an international environmental emergency off shore Florida. Brent's family's career is in the USCG, and now they depend on it even further to find Stefani Colton who is hearing impaired, her teacher Emily Bailey a former media personality; disgruntled news director Michael Carlock himself a former media personality; and campaigning for interim-funding before timely expensive medical services become affordable, USA Lt. Colonel Lace Babbs-Vincent and her husband USA CAPT Derex Vincent of South Windham, Maine and their blended family of five children.

London's father, Mayor Leon Wilson, the Mayor of Philadelphia, PA and his crew of statehouse jockies; Brent Colton's ex-wife Lillian and her new husband Dominic Pennington - both tv cooks and home décor analysts, her children Brent Jr. (21), Samantha (20) and Ashley Colton (18); computer guru, psychic; yoga instructor; limo driver; art gallery staff; moving crew, the philanthropic on behalf of the media join forces with the men and women and affiliates of the US Department of Homeland Security to assist with the rescue.

The large octopus attempts to mimic their prisoner's psychological understanding of communication renders them speechless as they succumb to their lack of electromagnetic energy. Without the electromagnetic balance they have become used to above ground the group experiences rapid degenerative disorders and begin aging right before one another's eyes! It's up to the USCG to find the group before they all deteriorate.

Large prehistoric sea snakes hibernating in the cavern are believably uninterested in eating the frightened aging prisoners.

While resorting to hide in the last semblances of the legendary city of Bimini the home of the "Fountain of Youth," they find the last remaining Biminian. Why did the previous Biminians sacrifice themselves to Lusca an ancient mythical entity that legend has described as half dragon and half octopus? The octopus learn quickly what is happening to their prisoners and because of their desire for eco balance, they become an aid to ATN's for the USCG to rescue the missing prisoners in time before they deteriorate; the Vincent's to acquire funding for valuable medical research; Dagney and Finlay to finish their long awaited honeymoon; and Stefani to hear and vocalize sound for a brief moment.